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Series «108 hen»

Art workshop «Erkhim Darkhan»
bronze / patine / wooden plinth
58*45*93 mm.
Every year, before the celebration of Sagaalgan, the young masters of Erkhim Darkhan make 108 bronze miniatures dedicated to the patrons of the 12-year cycle of Buddhist chronology. In 2017, the collection of symbols of the year was replenished by another Master of the Year - a chicken. On the back of the chicken is an endless knot (ulzy) - an ancient ornament, symbolizing happiness, longevity, well-being. Acquired precisely in the days of the celebration of the White Month, these bronze chicken will bring a special blessing to the life of their owners, because they passed the ceremony of consecration by the majestic hamal of Monlam Chenmo in honor of the coming new year, the transition to the Time of the Red Fire Bird.
2 800
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