White Elder on a Snail

Art workshop «Erkhim Darkhan»
bronze / patine / wooden plinth
225 х 224 х 144 mm.
The peoples of Central Asia worshiped the Divine White Elder since ancient times;they express their respects to as a powerful sage, who gives human protection from harm, who protects family home, pet health. Honoring SagaanUbagan as the patron saint of long life, the lord of fertility, animal and flora keeper, the natural environment, thus believers express their respects and to all Keepers of his native land areas. SagaanUbgen is one of the main characters in the Mystery Tsam. His amazing dance is filled with deep philosophy, represents human aspiration to enlightenment, to liberation from suffering and shows how a person should act, freeing your mind from difficulties and fears on the spiritual path.
65 000
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