Art workshop «Erkhim Darkhan»
bronze / gilding / mineral paints
200 х 120 х 80 mm.
Vajrasattva, "the Ornament of the vajra" or "Having the essence of the vajra" is one of the main deities of Tibetan Buddhism. He has the white body, right hand in front of chest holding a vajra, in his left, lying on the thigh, is a bell. Thus, expressed the essence of the nondual deity, combining the two main methods of Tibetan Buddhism, women's and men's nature – wisdom and compassion. Vajrasattva is depicted as a bodhisattva with decorations and the proper attire, because he is in the body of bliss. The figure of the deity has proportional and perfect forms. The attire has a floral design and is inherent in the works of Zanabazar and his school. Consecrated statuette helps people who decided to start a new life, clears karma, facilitates suffering, and can become the cause of enlightenment in general. Vajrasattva practice is one of the most important in Tibetan Buddhism. The hundred-syllable mantra is dedicated to him.
90 000
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