Buddha Shakyamuni

Art workshop «Erkhim Darkhan»
bronze / gilding / mineral paints
100*100*130 mm.
Buddha Shakyamuni is seated in a diamond posture of Vajrasana. Right hand of Buddha is in the gesture of touching the earth (bhumisparsha-mudra), and in his left he holds a bowl for collecting alms. He was in that position when he was tempted by the demon Mara. The Buddha is usually shown without ornaments, because he renounced all earthly goods. The sculpture is a replica of the Mongolian work. The figure of Buddha is characterized by special proportionality. His attire, decorated with geometric designs, leaves open the right shoulder. Round lotus throne, with single semi-circular row of petals were made by mongol masters, starting with Zanabazar (1635–1723). Such sculptures were masterpieces of Mongolian art sculpture. The Buddha represents spiritual perfection and the wish for Enlightenment for all living beings.
120 000
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